Bonney & Bills design works / Hawaiiana worked by Bonnie A


オールドハワイアンが好きな自分の奥さん(Bonnie A)がこのようなものを始めようとしています。

Bonney & Bills design works としてHawaiiを象徴する物の一つであるプルメリアを布で作っています。
いわゆる「Art of Flower」です。

My wife is making with cloth "Plumeria" which is a flower of polynesia.

She loves "old Hawaii."
What she is asking for is not the flower made of a plastic currently sold in the market.
The work is very delicate.
It One sheet of dyes and one taking and cutting out the model of a petal. petal is handmade altogether.
It is the work which feels faint very much.
she will complete the elegance as which this "Plumeria" may be sufficient.
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